Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Natural Hair Straightening Remedies

Straight hair is quite popular and totally loved by girls. The curly, frizzy hair can be hard to maintain and on the contrary, straight hairs are easy to manage and look beautiful. Hair damage and breakage of hair can also be the result of unmanaged curly and frizzy hair. To get complete rid of all such problems, girls prefer to go for hair straightening and hair smoothening treatments. These treatments use various expensive hair products. One can easily go for such treatments but then the list of beauty and skin care products used nowadays along with these additional hair treatments can be really harsh on the pockets. So think twice before investing!
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Here I will be discussing natural ways of making the hair straight and smooth which can be done by you at home. Use these simple and pocket-friendly remedies and make your hair straight to fight all the hair problems caused by curly and frizzy tresses.

1. Hot oil treatment- It is an age-old method of keeping your tresses in fine condition. This method includes hot oil massage on hair which prevents dryness and roughness in the hair and gives detangled straight hair. You need castor oil and coconut oil for this treatment. Mix both the oils and heat the mixture for few minutes. Apply the warm mixture to your scalp and hair gently and leave it for 30-50 minutes. Wash your hair with a gentle hair cleanser. The oils used in this nourish the hair deeply to make the hair soft and straight.

2. Milk and honey treatment- This combination is highly nourishing and can make your hair naturally smooth and straight. Just mix milk and honey properly. Apply this mixture on the scalp and let it stay for about 2 hours. This mixture can appear sticky at first but one needs to apply it evenly on the hair. Wash it with a gentle cleanser. Milk nourishes the hair whereas honey works like a serum by locking in the moisture and managing the frizzes. Do apply it once a week to get beautiful straight hair.

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3. Eggs and olive oil treatment- The proteins present in the eggs nourishes the hair and olive oil conditions the hair deeply. This combination can easily give you soft and straight hair. Just take two eggs. Break them and mix olive oil in it. Mix the mixture properly and apply it to your hair. Keep the mixture on hair for about 20-30 minutes. Rinse with water and apply conditioner to reduce the smell of the egg. Repeat it once a week and get straight hair.

Repeat these treatments at home. The preparation time for all the three treatments is very less and can be easily repeated at home. The cost is also not much plus these ways do not include any harsh chemicals which can cause further damage to hair.
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